In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, when preparing cars for renting to a new client, in addition to washing the body and cleaning the car interior, we introduced additional surface treatment with an antiseptic and disinfectant treatment.

By contacting the Car rental company “4WHEELS” Sumy, you can be sure of your own safety. All our cars are thoroughly disinfected, both outside and inside, after being returned by the client. Modern equipment and complex processing make it possible to destroy pathogens in the most inaccessible places. The drugs used are absolutely safe for humans and are certified in Ukraine.

Body wash using active foam

The high concentration of active substances in the foam removes the most stubborn dirt and disinfects the outside of the body. The active substance destroys the adhesion of dirt to the body elements and disinfects the surface.

Disinfection of the car interior

At the initial stage, to remove debris and dust inside the cabin, all surfaces are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, followed by treatment with dry fog and a disinfectant solution (antiseptic).

The device converts oil-based liquids into a dry mist of fine particles that penetrate into pores, crevices, holes and cavities, removing unpleasant odors, dust and disinfecting.

All plastic, rubber and metal surfaces inside the cabin are processed. The disinfecting solution has antimicrobial activity against bacteria, viruses, pathogenic fungi and mold. The product does not require subsequent removal, does not leave streaks or marks. You can use the car immediately after the product has dried.