Rent a Car Sumy
Rent a Car Sumy
Car for Rent Sumy
Car for Rent Sumy
Car Rental Sumy

Car Rental Sumy

Car rental in Sumy without a driver from the “4WHEELS” company is inexpensive, reliable and of high quality. Car rental without collateral, fast registration, best service.

We offer inexpensive car rental Sumy, without a deposit – anyone can independently rent a car for a few days or even months.

Our Car Pool

Renault Sandero Car

Renault Sandero Sumy

1-3 days750 uah
4-7 days700 uah
8-14 days650 uah
15-30 days550 uah
31 and morenegotiable
Deposit3000 uah

Renault Sandero– a great option for people with an active lifestyle and high demands on car comfort.

The stylish and dynamic Sandero hatchback is a budget car due to its external characteristics (flat surfaces and wide stands). Practical cars appreciate the trunk of the car, which is connected to the passenger compartment and has a volume of 320 liters. However, if necessary, it can be increased to 1320 liters, using a special mechanism, easily unfold the rear sofa. The model is temporarily adapted to the road of not the best quality, equipped with energy-intensive suspensions. It has a short and heavy body due to its rigidity. The interior is made of plastic. The driver’s seat and steering column are adjustable.

All small Sandero cars have front-wheel drive. Engine capacity (1.4 or 1.6), not high fuel consumption when moving within the city limits. At a maximum speed of 180 km per hour low noise insulation is manifested. In general, the car is quite comfortable. The basic complete set has mechanical steering in more expensive models-hydraulic. Therefore, for the gearbox “automatic”, air conditioning, ABS safety system must be paid extra.

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Renault Logan Car

Renault Logan Sumy

1-3 days800 uah
4-7 days750 uah
8-14 days700 uah
15-30 days600 uah
31 and morenegotiable
Deposit3000 uah

The Ukrainian car market offers the most practical option – Renault Logan.

This model has a great modern design, is quite economical, reliable and advantageous in terms of price policy. High performance engines stand out for their moderate operating costs. The Logan is perfectly adapted for poor quality road surfaces and has a high level of control and safety. The salon is made of high-quality materials and has a high degree of comfort and spaciousness.

The luggage compartment is voluminous and allows you to carry everything you need. Additional cargo space can be increased by folding the rear seats. The car is equipped with numerous technologies (climate control, cruise control with a speed limiter, satellite navigation), which will ensure comfortable and safe driving on the road. Renault Logan, thanks to its versatility and elegance, is appreciated by motorists.

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Hyundai Accent Car

Hyundai Accent Rent Sumy

1-3 days1100 uah
4-7 days1050 uah
8-14 days1000 uah
15-30 days900 uah
31 and morenegotiable
Deposit4000 uah

Subcompact family Hyundai Accent – deservedly popular car. Solid, personable, and at the same time graceful, impetuous and dynamic – in the concept of the brand “flowing lines”.

The technical characteristics will please with the optimal energy consumption of the chassis, and the adherents of environmental friendliness will be able to sleep peacefully thanks to the modern gasoline engine, which is characterized by extremely low fuel consumption. In addition, the latest model boasts a new body with improved adaptive suspension and is able to move smoothly and gracefully at full load, even on bad roads, which, alas, are not uncommon in our country. The interior of this car will be comfortable at any time of the year, because it is equipped with a climate control system, there are cup holders on the pockets of the rear doors, and the door armrests are made in an even more ergonomic shape.

Travelers will appreciate the spacious 470-liter boot. The driver of Hyundai Accent enjoys the ride, because the center console houses an on-board computer that shows the level of fuel consumption, air temperature outside, the multi-section steering wheel can be adjusted in height and reach, and there is also a whole GB of internal memory for music lovers, a navigator and rear parking sensors!

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Ford Fiesta Car

Rent Ford Fiesta in Sumy

1-3 days1100 uah
4-7 days1050 uah
8-14 days1000 uah
15-30 days900 uah
31 and morenegotiable
Deposit4000 uah

Renting a Ford Fiesta car will allow in practice to evaluate all the technical advantages of this brand. This service is a convenient way to solve transport problems. Ford Fiesta is a versatile vehicle that not only excels in convenience and functionality, but also has a presentable appearance. Renting this car will become a reliable assistant to residents and guests of the city of Sumy.

We offer a Ford Fiesta car rental with all the necessary attributes for comfort on the road and a high level of safety. You can use a car both in Sumy and the region, as well as in Ukraine.

Rent Ford Fiesta Sumy

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Volkswagen Jetta Car

Autocar Rental Volkswagen Jetta

1-3 days1300 uah
4-7 days1200 uah
8-14 days1100 uah
15-30 days1000 uah
31 and morenegotiable
Deposit5000 uah

Volkswagen Jetta – a compact car, a respectable business sedan of solid and stylish design. The same “golden mean” between classics and modernity. Clear lines, “muscular” drawing of surfaces, sporty silhouette – on the roads the Volkswagen Jetta stands out favorably in the traffic flow.

The feeling of comfort is also supported by excellent ergonomics – the profile of the seats, the steering wheel, excellent readability of the instruments with the proprietary blue backlight at any time of the day – everything is at the highest level. All control mechanisms are conveniently located, allowing you to drive the car with ease. The 510-liter “heroic” trunk with the possibility of fixing the luggage will surely bribe avid travelers, and the Climatronic with an air quality control sensor will turn the trip into a pleasure! In addition, this handsome man is also smart: it has a built-in fatigue identification function, the Blind Spot Sensor option (signals about cars in the “blind zone”), Light Assist automatic high-beam control, and a rear-view camera.

The model is presented in four trim levels, differing in finish and equipment. In all variants – an identical list of power units, except for the Highline.

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Hyundai Sonata Car

Rent Hyundai Sonata

1-3 days1500 uah
4-7 days1400 uah
8-14 days1300 uah
15-30 days1200 uah
31 and morenegotiable
Deposit6000 uah

Hyundai Sonata is the perfect combination of comfort, economy and spectacular appearance. If you have a business trip or a short trip with your family, you should rent a car in Sumy – a 2 cc engine and an automatic transmission will allow you to enjoy driving both in a busy city and on the highway. The advantages of the Hyundai Sonata include economical fuel consumption, a wide range of driver’s seat adjustments, electric power steering and a large number of airbags

The exterior boldness and sportiness reflect the car’s good power. This car is perfect for the city, it is easy to drive, it just parks and starts moving. Renting a Hyundai Sonata 2017 in Sumy is suitable for you if you are looking for a spacious and comfortable salon. Renting a Hyundai Sonata will allow you and your family to enjoy pleasant, comfortable trips, while saving money on fuel.

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Rent Car in Sumy

The 4WHEELS company has a large fleet of passenger cars. Cars undergo regular inspection and maintenance, so the client can count on a well-groomed, fully equipped, serviceable and ready-to-drive car at any time. Our clients can also count on round-the-clock support when renting a car in Sumy: our managers will help you find their way, suggest the location of the nearest parking lot or gas station.

Great service

The car can be delivered to the address indicated by the client at any convenient time; the contract takes no more than 15 minutes.

Safe and secure

Each car provided for rent undergoes a full technical inspection and has insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Profitable terms

We have flexible and transparent rates for short-term and long-term rentals, as well as a system of discounts for regular customers.

How to rent a car?

How to rent a car in Sumy?

To book a car rental call:
+38 (099) 77-66-099
or visit the company office:
m. Sumi, M. Lushpi Ave. 5 bldg. 30 (opposite the shopping center “Lavina”)


Car for Rent in Sumy

Our company has been providing car rental services in Sumy for over 6 years. You can rent a car for a day or more – the maximum car rental period is not limited! Please note that we have a convenient system of discounts – check out the prices and choose the best option for yourself!

Long term car rental

Renting a car for a long time has undeniable advantages – the car will always be at hand during the agreed period, and the cost of car rental per day will decrease in proportion to the number of rental days (discount from 10% – discussed individually).

Transfer in Ukraine

If you need to get to the airport or railway station with maximum comfort and in the best time possible, we recommend ordering a transfer service in Ukraine. For example, the cost of a transfer to / from Boryspil airport is only 2800 UAH.

You can also rent (return) a car right at the place of your arrival or departure for an additional fee.

Moreover, we are ready to meet guests of our city anywhere in Ukraine and rent a car at any time convenient for you.

Rent a car with a driver

When you have a need to go out of town, go to a party with friends, go to a business meeting or other similar situations, but there is no opportunity or desire to personally drive a car, then the best solution in such a situation is to rent a car with a driver. An experienced and polite professional driver will quickly take you home after a party or any other event, take you to the train station or airport with all possible comfort.

Renting a car with a driver in Sumy will allow you to have fun or solve business issues without interference, the driver will wait as long as necessary.

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Car for Rent Sumy

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