Renault Sandero Sumy

1-3 days750 uah
4-7 days700 uah
8-14 days650 uah
15-30 days550 uah
31 and morenegotiable
Deposit3000 uah

Renault Sandero– a great option for people with an active lifestyle and high demands on car comfort.

The stylish and dynamic Sandero hatchback is a budget car due to its external characteristics (flat surfaces and wide stands). Practical cars appreciate the trunk of the car, which is connected to the passenger compartment and has a volume of 320 liters. However, if necessary, it can be increased to 1320 liters, using a special mechanism, easily unfold the rear sofa. The model is temporarily adapted to the road of not the best quality, equipped with energy-intensive suspensions. It has a short and heavy body due to its rigidity. The interior is made of plastic. The driver’s seat and steering column are adjustable.

All small Sandero cars have front-wheel drive. Engine capacity (1.4 or 1.6), not high fuel consumption when moving within the city limits. At a maximum speed of 180 km per hour low noise insulation is manifested. In general, the car is quite comfortable. The basic complete set has mechanical steering in more expensive models-hydraulic. Therefore, for the gearbox “automatic”, air conditioning, ABS safety system must be paid extra.