Renting a car from Sumy without a paper car loan is not real. For whom it is necessary to call for a contact number or see our office. With important minds, the age of the order is not less than 25 years and the experience of water is more than 1 year. To lay down the contract with your own mother, you need a minimum package of documents: passport, IPN and driving license. For your convenience, ready-made and non-prepared rents for hire have been transferred. Transport zasіb is seen as absolutely clean from the top fire tank. The minimum term for rent is 24 years.

Under the transfer agreement, you should think:

  • services of a mitt in case of severe confusion – 200 hryvnia;
  • full CASCO insurance – 25% of the rental price;
  • additional hour of rent – 50 UAH/year (for housekeeping);
  • travel limit over 250 km. – 1.5 UAH. per kilometer.

Cost of services to lie down in the class of the car, the term for the rental, make the bag. We propagate modern cars at the official technical station, as they will not lead you to the road. The transfer of our services also includes a transfer across Ukraine and a car rental with water.